Course Duration : 2 Year - Modeling Basic + Advanced


The first step is ‘believing’ that you have what it takes to make it big in this difficult industry…all the remaining work happens automatically after that. And if You know what it takes then you surely understand it is not about the looks, the personality or the attitude. It is all about the x factor. You have to prove your Determination at every step of this soulful journey and what better way to prove your worth than being challenged by the masters at each step.
We let you make mistakes, learn with you, climb the steps of success with you but above all we never let your determination sag. Our entire purpose will be To keep your focus intact and we assure you that it will be ‘your fortitude and our faith’ that will take you places. HAs a fashion model, you would promote Clothing and accessories to fashion buyers, customers and the media. You might model items in fashion shows, or in photographs for catalogues, magazines, newspapers and advertising campaigns.

Alternative Career Options

Fashion Designer
While income varies by location, employer and skill, the median salary of fashion designers in 2012 was $62,860, according to the BLS. Designers may be self-taught, complete postsecondary training or learn through an internship. An employment decline of 3% was projected from 2012 to 2022 for fashion designers.

Demonstrator and Product Promoter
Models may be hired by retail or wholesale stores, advertising firms or employment agencies to promote a product or service, such as food, cosmetics or clothing. Those with a high school diploma and sales experience are preferred. The median income in 2012 was $23,860, per the BLS. The number of jobs in this field was expected to increase 16% from 2012 to 2022.

Modeling Course Details
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